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Diễn viên: Victor Humphries, Mike Sharon, Barry Kraft, Paul O'Connor, David Kelly, Hugh Dignon, Gina Daniels, Kevin Farrell, Ray Porter, Cindy Basco, Melissa Jackson, Marjorie Carr, Jamie Newcomb, Kevin Fabian, Don Burroughs
Đạo diễn bởi: Richard Rich
Đánh giá: 7 / 10 (10 10 vote)
Elisha, a young man, works hard on his father's prosperous farm, a farm which he will some day inherit. When the prophet Elijah visits Elisha and tells him that he will be the new prophet of Israel, Elisha, obedient to God, leaves the farm to follow Elijah. Elijah teaches his new student, knowing that his days on earth are few. Despite Elijah's efforts, the kings of Israel continue to worship idols and not the living God. In Elijah and Elisha's wanderings, they come to the River Jordan. Elijah spreads his mantle on the waters, and God parts the river so that the Prophet and student may cross. Elisha, doubting that he will ever be able to take his teacher's place, asks for a double portion of Elijah's spirit, which he promises to his student if Elisha sees him taken to Heaven in a chariot of fire. Elijah tells him never to take a reward for the works of God, for God is the only miracle worker...
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