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El verdugo ((1963))
Fragmanı göster
Oyuncular: Nino Manfredi, Emma Penella, José Isbert, José Luis López Vázquez, Ángel Álvarez, Guido Alberti, Julia Caba Alba, María Luisa Ponte, María Isbert, Erasmo Pascual, Xan das Bolas, José Orjas, José María Prada, Félix Fernández, Antonio Ferrandis
Yönetmen: Luis García Berlanga
Puan: 8.1 / 10 (4113 4113 vote)
An undertaker gets married to an old executioner's daughter and, although he doesn't like it, must continue the profession of his father-in-law after his retirement.

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El VerdugoUploadermihai2807 El verdugo (1963) Fransızca altyazılar 39 mihai2807
1963 - El Verdugo- Luis Garcia Berlanga-(Jose Isbert Alfredo Landa) Spanish Xvid Mp3 DvdripUploaderAnonymous El verdugo (1963) İngilizce altyazılar 81 Anonymous
Considered to be the best or second best Spanish film everUploaderhdvnbits.subteam El verdugo (1963) İngilizce altyazılar 36 hdvnbits.subteam
El verdugo.DVDRIP.www.lokotorrents.comUploaderjimbo98 El verdugo (1963) Türkçe altyazılar 2 jimbo98
El verdugo.youndUploadernapismen El verdugo (1963) İtalyanca altyazılar 9 napismen
El verdugoUploaderAnonymous El verdugo (1963) Çince altyazılar 3 Anonymous
El verdugoUploaderAnonymous El verdugo (1963) Farsça altyazılar 3 Anonymous
El verdugoUploaderAnonymous El verdugo (1963) İngilizce altyazılar 35 Anonymous
The.Executioner.1963.BDRip.x264-RedBladeUploaderjimbo98 El verdugo (1963) İngilizce altyazılar Yüksek çözünürlüklü filmler için altyazılar 28 jimbo98
El verdugoUploaderAnonymous El verdugo (1963) Farsça altyazılar 2 Anonymous

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