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Epidemic ((1987))
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Cast: Allan De Waal, Ole Ernst, Michael Gelting, Colin Gilder, Svend Ali Hamann, Claes Kastholm Hansen, Ib Hansen, Anja Hemmingsen, Kirsten Hemmingsen, Cæcilia Holbek Trier, Gert Holbek, Udo Kier, Joergen Christian Krueff, Jan Kornum Larsen, Gitte Lind
Directed by: Lars von Trier
Rating: 6.2 / 10 (4097 votes)
A film director and a script writer (performed by Lars von Trier and Niels Vrsel themselves) write a screenplay... See full summary
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Movie subtitles (23)
Subtitle name Subtitle's language Subtitles for hearing impaired Subtitles for high-definition movie Downloaded Uploader
Lars von Trier(1988)UploaderAnonymous Epidemic (1987) Romanian subtitles 1 Anonymous
Lars Von Trier - Epidemic (1988)Uploaderth.ts Epidemic (1987) Portuguese subtitles 8 th.ts
Epidemic (Subtitles ripped from Dutch DVD)UploaderAnonymous Epidemic (1987) Dutch subtitles 1 Anonymous
[1987] Lars von Trier(CZ)Uploaderseri Epidemic (1987) Czech subtitles 1 seri
EPIDEMICUploaderAnonymous Epidemic (1987) Hebrew subtitles 0 Anonymous
EpidemicUploaderAnonymous Epidemic (1987) Polish subtitles 1 Anonymous
Epidemic.1987.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.XviD-LnPUploaderahmedragab1250 Epidemic (1987) Hungarian subtitles 0 ahmedragab1250
Epidemic.1987.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.XviD-LnPUploaderahmedragab1250 Epidemic (1987) English subtitles 66 ahmedragab1250
Lars Von Trier - 1987 - Epidemic.aviUploadert4ggs Epidemic (1987) Portuguese subtitles 3 t4ggs
Epidemic, DVDRip, 25fpsUploaderdotsousa Epidemic (1987) Slovak subtitles 0 dotsousa
Anecdotes from Epidemic,DVDRip,25fpsUploaderdotsousa Epidemic (1987) Slovak subtitles 0 dotsousa
epidemicUploaderdogger86 Epidemic (1987) Spanish subtitles 2 dogger86
(Lars von Trier, 1987)UploaderNakoBust Epidemic (1987) English subtitles 31 NakoBust
EpidemicUploaderangrypoodle Epidemic (1987) English subtitles 47 angrypoodle
EpidemicUploadero770 Epidemic (1987) French subtitles 10 o770
l1shUploaderAnonymous Epidemic (1987) Italian subtitles 8 Anonymous
EpidemicUploaderShingen Epidemic (1987) English subtitles 15 Shingen
EpidemicUploaderShingen Epidemic (1987) Spanish subtitles 9 Shingen
Epidemic.1987.DVDrip.Tartan.VersionUploaderdfcastro Epidemic (1987) Danish subtitles 2 dfcastro
Lars Von Trier - Epidemic (1988)UploaderWilly Da Gomez Epidemic (1987) Spanish subtitles 14 Willy Da Gomez

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