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Everything Sucks! ((2018))
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Cast: Patch Darragh, Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Rio Mangini, Sydney Sweeney, Max Huskins, Calvin Pearson, Abi Brittle, Jalon Howard, Nicole McCullough, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Connor Muhl, Zachary Ray Sherman
Rating: 7.5 / 10 (13624 votes)
In 1990s Oregon, members of a high school A/V club clash with the drama club.
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TV series episodes
Episode name # IMDb rating Release date
season 1
1. Plutonium 3 7 Jan 31, 2018
2. Maybe You're Gonna Be the One That Saves Me 2 7.6 Feb 16, 2018
3. All That and a Bag of Chips 2 7.1 Feb 16, 2018
4. Romeo & Juliet in Space 7.4 Feb 16, 2018
5. What the Hell's a Zarginda? 7.6 Feb 16, 2018
6. Sometimes I Hear My Voice 7.5 Feb 16, 2018
7. Cheesecake to a Fat Man 7.3 Feb 16, 2018
8. I Just Wanna Be Anybody 7.8 Feb 16, 2018
9. My Friends Have Been Eaten by Spiders 7.7 Feb 16, 2018
10. We Were Merely Freshmen 1 8.1 Feb 16, 2018

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