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Hitman ((2016))
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Cast: David Bateson, Jane Perry, John Hopkins, Philip Rosch, William Salyers, Michelle Asante, Ramon Tikaram, Alex Wyndham, Peter Vollebregt, Jon Curry, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Alec Newman, Andrea Deck, Brian Kimmet
Directed by: Christian Elverdam, Nuka Woelk
Rating: 9.1 / 10 (40 votes)
Agent 47 is back, and he's in his prime. In this game, 47 is back with the ICA, and is hired to take down targets globally with larger maps, more disguises, and more options to kill your target. While going after a contract, 47 gets caught up in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, when a fashion designer is revealed to be the head of an intricate spy syndicate known as IAGO. The designer, Viktor Novikov, threatens to release the names of several FBI, and NSA agents at a private auction to the highest bidder. 47 must pull out all the stops in order to cripple IAGO and kill Novikov.
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