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El árbol ((2009))
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Cast: Antonio Martin Beato, David Bermejo, Ana Casado Boch, Maria Brunete, Sara Montgomery Campbell, Mayte Cedeño, Ignacio Cortes, Gabriela Ducca, Tito Ezeizabarrena, Rodolfo Gilmartin, María Dolores Nadal, Montxo Obeso, Bosco Sodi, Maria Solito, Merilú Solito
Directed by: Carlos Serrano Azcona
Rating: 5.2 / 10 (65 votes)
Sobering tale about the small-time loser Santiago, who roams the streets of a Spanish town after leaving his wife and children looking for ground under his feet. There only seems to be one way out for him. Surprising, Dardennesque debut by producer Serrano. Somewhere in a Spanish city, Santiago (in his 30s and played by the Mexican painter Bosco Sodi) roams aimlessly and lonely through the streets. His wife has thrown him out and the judge has decided that he cannot see his children for now. Santiago tries to put his life back together again from this unfortunate situation. He has a job in a friend's bar, but is given the sack. Little by little, his life falls apart. The camera (impressive work by David Valdeperez) follows him roaming the streets looking for work and for an aim in life. His only way out seems to be the highest bridge in the city... Scriptwriter and novice director Carlos Serrano Azcona (1969) previously worked on "Japon" by Carlos Reygadas...
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El rbol-5rFFUploaderalekxand El árbol (2009) English subtitles 1 alekxand
El arbol 2009 ( oscar serrano azcona)Uploaderthinkfast89 El árbol (2009) Italian subtitles 0 thinkfast89

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