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Elijah ((1993))
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Cast: Gregory Snegoff, Victor Humphries, Ray Porter, Paul O'Connor, Jillian Crane, Phil Hubbard, Johnathon Toppo, Dennis Ressio, David Kelly, Matthew Best, Siobhan Kelley, John Wencel, Daniel A. Keeler
Directed by: Richard Rich
Rating: 7.8 / 10 (15 votes)
Ahab, a great king of the Israelites, has fallen under the spell of Jezebel, a daughter of the King of the Sidonians. He has rejected the Israelites' God and embraced Jezebel's religion: the worship of the idol Baal. At Jezebel's command, Ahab has ordered the execution of the prophets of Israel, replacing them with Baal's false prophets. But one man, Elijah, filled with power of the true God, directly challenges Ahab and Jezebel. He pronounces God's curse. " No rain will fall on Israel until the people reject Baal and return to God. As the God of Israel liveth no rain shall fall until I call on the Lord to deliver it." God commands Elijah to escape to the desert in the East, where God provides water and food from Heaven for His Prophet. Elijah longs to return to Israel, to save his people. But he is obedient to God. God commands Elijah to go and show himself to Ahab...
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