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"Tyst vittne" S19E05 Life Licence: Part 1 subtitrai

Tyst vittne Life Licence: Part 1 (S19E05)
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Išleidimo data:
Aktoriai: Liam Bewley, Joshua Blake, David Caves, Graham Curry, Niamh Cusack, Emilia Fox, Oliver Gatz, Stephen Kennedy, Jane Leaney, Richard Lintern, Tyrone Love, Lyndsey Marshal, Jude Monk McGowan
Režisierius: Mark Everest
Reitingas: 7.5 / 10 (117 votes)
Released from jail after twelve years for matricide David Sellars is stabbed to death in his flat. Superintendent Mitchell calls in the team, along with Dr Sasha Blackburn, a psychologist of whose rehabilitation group the victim was a member. David had visited cell-mate Joe Sherringham, a child killer given the new identity of Paul Raynott and soon afterwards Joe is killed, along with Ted Blake, whose son Craig he murdered and who had gone to visit Ted to apologize. Ted's estranged wife Sylvie and son Connor had campaigned against Sherringham's release. Now Marcus Chadwell, Joe's manipulative co-defendant and still in jail, announces that he knows who killed Joe. At the same time Clarissa discovers that both the dead murderers had ordered illegal drugs from Bulgaria.

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