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"Line of Duty" S03E02 Episode #3.2 Tekstitysten

Line of Duty Episode #3.2 (S03E02)
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Näyttelijät: Arsher Ali, Adjoa Andoh, Leanne Best, Martin Compston, Ash Cook, Julia Dearden, Michael Donald, Adrian Dunbar, Chrissie Harris, Aiysha Hart, Keeley Hawes, Polly Lloyd, Daniel Mays, Vicky McClure, Will Mellor
Ohjannut: Michael Keillor
Luokitus: 8.5 / 10 (508 votes)
Following Waldron's mysterious death all three of his colleagues claim that he shot himself but Kate and Ted Hastings are not convinced. The trio clearly are hiding something, something which leads to a disastrous consequence for one of them. A search of Waldron's flat reveals evidence - suppressed by Cottan - he was sending Steve Arnett and leads to the discovery of another murder victim, related to the man Waldron shot. At the same time Steve finds himself still involved in the trial of Lindsay Denton.
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